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The client requested a study, made from dark hardwood, with a curved sweeping desk and two workstation areas.
The furniture needed to contain a:
-drinks cabinet
-wine chiller
-television/dvd player and dvd storage
-one lockable cabinet
-open cabinet storage to contain a printer and files.

The study had to be comfortable and practical to use, but also made to an impressive and eye catching design. This, along with the other specifications, posed a real challenge. The room was of a modest size, so the layout needed to be just right. The design and consultation process was lengthy and thorough. Once the shape of the layout was determined, a full scale paper pattern was made, so it could be laid out on the floor of the proposed room. From this, the layout was tweaked further, resulting in the perfect shape, which gently wraps around the user, ensuring everything is close to hand.
The build of the study was complex, mainly due to the various curves included in the design, totalling as many as sixteen different sized radiuses, all of which required moulds, for bending the components to the intended shape.
The two sections of cornice were very unique in design and construction. They were made by jointing as many as 112 separate pieces of wood resulting in one very strong solid structure, which sweeps around with the curve of the cabinets.
The drawers were made from solid walnut, and constructed using hand cut dovetail joints. The bases were lined with fine Scottish leather.
Bespoke magnetic catches were made for this project, by inlaying a magnetic disk into a shaped piece of walnut, and then inlaying the same soft leather as used on the drawers to hide the disk, resulting in a great looking, silent closing catch.